Birgit Lunow Nielsen

”I Make a Tangible Difference”

When Birgit decided to go independent, she was already an established professional with ample experience. She held leading positions in IT in a number of large and renowned companies such as Rockwool, Nordea, and Carlsberg. However, a couple of years ago, she felt the need for change.

”I had previously worked with a large company where I was in charge of all IT operations in Western Europe, and I wanted to try something different. A new and different experience. I reckoned that my extensive experience, especially concerning SAP, would be valuable to a wide variety of companies. So I decided to become an independent consultant, and thanks to dba consult, I soon had my first assignment.”

Since 2016, Birgit has been a consultant with Arla Foods for dba consult. ”I feel god working here at Arla where I have been involved in various interesting projects.

“I have worked with an implementation of SAP GRC, including a review of the entire role authorization in SAP. Additionally, I am also responsible for our GDPR project. Recently we started on incorporating a new IBM system for Identity Management, including hardware installation. All really interesting projects.” Birgit’s success at Arla Foods confirms she made the right choice to go independent with dba consult. ”I have learned that my experience has a significant value. As a consultant I can explore different kinds of problems and make a tangible difference to the client. Part of our IBM project was initially outsourced to a third party, but Arla decided it made more business sense to put me in charge. Truly of vote of confidence. I would like to stay with Arla a while longer because I feel I can add even more value. For instance, in obtaining savings and increasing productivity.”

dba consult has been with Birgit every step of the way towards her new professional life, and she values the partnership. ”When you are on your own professionally, you need someone on your side of the fence. Someone who understands and appreciates the role of an independent consultant. dba consult is always there for me, should I need information and guidance.”