We deal in humans

At dba consult we have the Nordics' most robust network of freelance consultants on a senior level. We stand out because we consider the entire person, not just the core competencies.

It’s not hard to find a CV with the right words. The art and success lies in reading between the lines and assessing the entire person.

The formula for success

Assignment + business + person. That is our formula, and we spent more than ten years of refining to get it right every time.

Competencies are essential, obviously. But identifying the right consultant is also about personality and the context of the specific assignment; your business and your people.

We are experts in assessing these parameters up front. The candidate we have selected to interview with you is what you need, as a skill set and as a person.


The right people for the right job – that is the key to success. The same applies to us at dba. Here you can see the complete team that makes a difference on a daily basis. In the office and especially for the clients we help.

Claudio Piron

Sales director

Claudio@dba-consult.dk +45 53 53 24 28