Senior VMware, Network Configuration Engineer

Midtjylland asap 6 mdr +
About the position

We’re looking for a Senior Consultant:

Microsoft, VM-Ware and Script Specialist responsible for:
– Operation and optimization of industrial server/PC equipment,
Windows Server 2008, 2012 and VM-Ware
– Monitoring and configuration management of servers and other
SCADA components
– Automation of installation through PowerShell or Chef Scripts.
– Maintain and develop test environment for automated product and
system testing, this involves both network and HW/VM servers
– Participate in the cyper-security solutions for our portfolio
– Development and maintenance of documentation of our test
– Support for servers, industrial computers etc. Plus support for test
engineers and SW developers.

Exhaustive knowledge about virtualization (VM-Ware), server
hardware, server operating systems, scripting tools like (PowerShell
& Ruby) , Chef, storage and backup solutions. It is an advantage to have knowledge of Oracle DB, MS SQL, UPS
solutions and Cisco products

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Apply for job

If you want to apply for the job or have further questions, please contact Peter Heide Andreas Ilkjær and learn more. If you apply per. mail, please remember to attach your CV.