Freelance Database Architect re. Open Source Databases

Greater Copenhagen 14-04-2019 at the latest 2,5 months
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For our finance client, we are looking for a freelance Database Architect with extensive knowledge of open source databases. Our client needs an analysis of their existing setup, advise on open source options and to be included in the choice of a new database.

To do this, they need a freelance Database Architect with ten to 15 years of experience.

Experience / Qualifications:

  • Must know the three to five best open source products and their pros and cons
  • Knowledge of finance would be a plus
  • Database Architect with ten to 15 years of experience.
  • Nice to have: offshore / nearshore experience

Project Phases:

Phase 1:

Make an assessment and describe how the database structure should be in the future

You would also be participating in phases two and three.

Phase 2:

To describe and build the platform

Phase 3:

Take care of all the integrations and the data migration.



Project Description:

• Analysing and migrating data from legacy systems to new solutions
• Designing conceptual and logical data models and flowcharts
• Improving system performance by conducting tests, troubleshooting and integrating new elements
• Optimising new and current database systems
• Coordinating with the Data Science department to identify future needs and requirements
• Developing strategies for data acquisitions, archiving recovery and implementing a database
• Developing key metrics for tests on data and ensuring integrity of same on data architecture
• Preparing documents for data architecture and maintaining knowledge on large data structure as well
• Analysing information flow and recommending appropriate technology to provide support

to all business processes

• Participating in all technical discussions and providing technical inputs wherever possible
• Being able to address issues of data migration (validation, clean-up and mapping)

and understanding the importance of Data Dictionaries


• Software installation and maintenance, data extraction, transformation and loading

with Specialized Data Handling.

Support new schema models and support new application issues related to new DB.

• Newer role, but responsible for merging data from multiple sources into a data warehouse.

May have to design warehouse, but cleans, standardises and scrubs data before loading.

In SQL Server, this DBA would use DTS heavily.

• Works on building queries and stored procedures etc. that meet business needs.

This is the equivalent of the programmer. You primarily write T-SQL.

• Design schemas. Build tables, FK’s and PK’s etc. Work to build a structure that meets the business needs

in general. The design is then used by developers and development DBA’s to implement the actual application.


Heidi Kelman Christensen

T: +45 5352 8899

E: heidi@dba-consult.dk

Please also upload your CV to our database via https://lnkd.in/ervSi52



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