Freelance Data- / Cloud Engineer

Malmö and Helsingborg, Sweden 23-12-2019 8.3 months
About the position

For one of our Swedish clients, we are looking for a Senior Data Engineer / Cloud Engineer to assist in their OFD Insights & Analytics.


This requirement is for an Insights and Analytics team in our client’s Order Fulfilment and Delivery area. A suitable resource should be part of a team working with data to create and support insights and analytical solutions, including working with data pipelines, working on backend development and making data available in cloud for consumption by the many.

Your primary focus will be to work with Open Orders Dashboard and order flow monitoring.

Requirements / Experience

  • Data Engineer that has been working as backend developer with experience also from data pipelines
  • Bigdata, BigQuery etc.
  • Work with data flow, from source to target systems
  • Develop data extract, transform and load pipelines, both on premises and on cloud
  • Perform detailed data analysis and make it available for visualization
  • Google Cloud development

Three most important things:

  • Cloud development
  • Data engineering
  • Data analysis

Locations: Hubhult, Malmö, Sweden, and Sockerbruket, Helsingborg, Sweden

Duration: 23/12 2019 to 31/8 2020

Heidi Kelman Christensen
T: +45 5352 8899
E: heidi@dba-consult.dk

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Apply for job

If you want to apply for the job or have further questions, please contact Peter Heide Heidi Kelman Christensen and learn more. If you apply per. mail, please remember to attach your CV.

+45 5352 8899