Freelance Advisor / Project Manager with Service Management / Service Delivery

Copenhagen August / September 6 months, possibly longer
About the position

For our client’s mobilisation team, we need a freelance Project Manager with experience in analysing, describing / advising on and implementing service management, service delivery and operating models on infrastructure and applications.

The mobilisation team implements the best possible solutions for maintaining, developing and supporting their clients’ systems and applications by assessing how they utilise IT, manage their systems, develop applications and support their business from an IT perspective. Then they optimise their system management and development or transfer these responsibilities. They set up a delivery team that will service a specific client, train this delivery team in client specific knowhow, implement processes for operation and transfer/relocate people.

For example, they:

  • Use automation, analytics tools and methods to optimize technology service delivery for clients
  • Deliver service transformation projects for clients where they optimise service management
  • Take over customers’ application services or transfer them to other third-party vendors
  • Provide service and delivery management advisory in strategy and management consulting projects
  • Plan and do solution transitions and service transformation projects
  • Implement complex systems and services into ongoing operations


  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Science, IT, Business Administration or similar
  • 4-7 years of experience utilising technology to support business operations
  • Understanding or hands-on experience in application maintenance, service management and operating models, processes and frameworks (e.g. onshore/offshore service models)
  • Hands-on experience leading and managing projects, providing high quality deliverables while keeping planned milestones and deadlines
  • Strong stakeholder management skills and communication skills, Danish and English at a minimum
  • Willingness to work in a project-based work group across the Nordic region and in a variety of environments, willingness to travel when needed
  • Flexibility, capability and resilience to cope with constant change

Your Key Responsibilities

  • Lead transformation projects or manage specific project workstreams where our client uses automation and analytics to optimise operations at their clients’
  • Lead service management take-over projects or manage specific project workstreams for our client and their clients
  • Provide consulting and advisory on operating models, service management setup and optimisation approaches in strategy and management consulting projects
  • Plan and do solution transitions and service transformation projects
  • Manage operations commissioning and decommissioning projects
  • Introduce new services for our client’s clients.


Starting: August / September

Full time, six months

Location: Copenhagen


Heidi Kelman Christensen

T: +45 5352 8899

E: heidi@dba-consult.dk

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If you want to apply for the job or have further questions, please contact Peter Heide Heidi Kelman Christensen and learn more. If you apply per. mail, please remember to attach your CV.

+45 5352 8899