We need freelancers for these roles, maybe three consultants in total: Migration of content; web building, design and development of the website; Product Owner; UX, UI; and technical development and infrastructure of new build

Remote Asap Five months
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We are looking for the above freelance profiles to solve the below tasks together (CV in our template (in English) asap and no later than Monday noon) for our client’s user website needing a new CMS solution and a redesign focusing on security, a simplified navigation structure and improved analytics. Users should have a better understanding of how Computerome (Denmark’s National Life Science Supercomputing Center) works and must provide the tools to assist them better.

(Two questions have been asked:

1) Requirements for hosting

2) Are there any requirements for operating systems and development languages?


Hosting has to happen on our client’s infrastructure and our client will take care of the hosting themselves. About the language and operating system, there is not really any limitation.

The only important thing is whatever operating system the consultant(s) will ask, our client will install, and our client will give the consultant(s) full access to it. Any kind of installation on top of the OS has to be done by the consultant(s), meaning – if the consultant(s) need(s) a software to be installed on the OS to run the consultant’s/consultants’ code – and any more complicated services need to be installed and configured by the consultant(s).)


  • Migration of content, web building, design and development of the website
  • Product Owner, UX, UI and technical development and infrastructure of the new build

Key Steps

  • Define technical solution (CMS, hosting, third party integrations, page analytics, and other technical design requirements)
  • Develop project roadmap with the team, outlining key milestones and deliverables
  • Create initial task backlog with Computerome to prioritise a list of key components, features and functionalities
  • Create a detailed sitemap and technical documentation

Content Migration

  • Review existing content on the Computerome Wiki
  • Define a process for migrating existing content
  • Migrate content from Confluence platform to new CMS
  • QA and review of migrated content


  • Design key components (page templates and UI component library)
  • Technical development for key components
  • Build consumer-focused onboarding page
  • QA of defined technical and design features
  • Refine and prioritise task backlog for the Added Features phase

Starting: asap
Ending: October 2021

Location: This task can be done remotely with weekly online conference calls.

Heidi Kelman Christensen
T: +45 5352 8899
E: heidi@dba-consult.dk

Please also upload your CV to our database:




Ønsker du at søge stillingen, eller har du spørgsmål kan du kontakte Heidi Kelman Christensen og høre nærmere. Hvis du ansøger pr. mail, så husk at vedhæfte dit CV.

+45 5352 8899