Dennis Nielsen

”It’s About Freedom”

Right from the beginning of his professional life, Dennis wanted to be his own man. ”While I was at business school, I started a tech company with a friend. When I was an apprentice in retail, I had my own business on the side. At night, when the store closed, I went to my office and kept working. After my apprenticeship, I worked full time in my company.” Today, Dennis works as an independent consultant with dba consult and self-reliance is still important to him.

”As a consultant, I feel I have freedom, and I am in control of my life. I can work on what interests me most. There is a certain artistic freedom to being a consultant. And that is what it is about, freedom.” Through dba consult, Dennis works as with the former Maersk Oil, now part of the French oil company Total. In April 2018, he was promoted to Service Manager for Field Services IT. ”Through my entire career, I have had a keen interest in technology, and it fit well into IT support. I manage a team of 13 persons, and we are responsible for onsite support for the entire organization.” Dennis has been with the oil company for five years as an independent consultant via dba consult. ”I would not have stayed with the same client for that long, had it not been for the learning opportunities. I have gained a lot more experience in IT, in business and from working with different nationalities. And I got more and more management responsibility along the way. A constant learning curve.”

Despite being with the same client for years, Dennis still thinks of himself as an independent consultant with dba consult.

”I feel very much like a part of my workplace in day-to-day life, but I am still a consultant. I am here because the client decided to procure a service and I could be replaced tomorrow. Therefore, as a consultant, you will often have a more humble and focused approach to the task at hand.” Dennis is still his own man, but he appreciates the support of dba consult. ”As an independent consultant, it is important to have someone your side. Someone you can trust and understand how independent-minded people operate. Dba consult are really good at what they do, and I am glad they have my back.”