Freelance PID Lead / Scrum Master with Proven Data and Governance Skills

Copenhagen Asap 6 months
Om stillingen

The freelance assignment concerns the task first to act as PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) Lead, ensuring that the project is scoped, the project initiation document created and presented at one of our retail client’s Project & Portfolio Board. Once approved, the task is to continue as Scrum Master on this project which is called ’Running out of SKU numbers’. SKU is Stock Keeping Units.

Project description

  • Extend digit to keep lights on by adding an additional digit or two in the sequence
  • Investigate which applications have SKU logic for import subject, including which are subject to # of digits
  • Carry out application/integration changes to enable use of extended SKU logic
  • Explore need for change of “master” system for SKU data (e.g. FLEXPLM or AXMANU)

“Must have” competencies

  • Good data and governance skills


  • Strong organizational skills
  • Conflict management
  • Goal oriented and strong motivator for the teams
  • Positive, open-minded 


Starting: asap

Ending: 31-12-2020

Full time

Location: Copenhagen onsite

Language: English


Heidi Kelman Christensen
T: +45 5352 8899
E: heidi@dba-consult.dk

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