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Our client needs help ensuring that their end users will succeed with more self-service within IT.

Their platform used for this is ServiceNow. They have a lot of Knowledge Articles (KB’s) – best practices, user guides and more.

However, the quality of these varies, as they are created to ‘best of ability’ and on an ad hoc basis by very different types of employees.

Our client needs a holistic approach to updating all of this information to ensure user-friendliness, both in terms of usage (self-service) and with regards to the ease in finding information needed.

Our client needs help with:

  • The library of KB’s – and the guides must be cleaned from all non-relevant / outdated information
  • The relevant KB’s and guides must be quality checked for their user-friendliness
  • Defining a standard template for KB’s
  • Updating current KB’s in accordance with one template and making these more user-friendly
  • Evaluating and testing the guides before publishing
  • Helping to investigate and, if possible, improve the search function – and returning the relevant results, including training videos
  • Redesigning the categories to reflect the current technologies and services
  • Defining process and ownership of KB’s
  • Investigating whether our client can or needs to buy any user guides on standard tools that they need

At present, they have over 500 customer-facing KB’s.


Starting: as soon as possible

Ending: 31st of December 2019

Full time

Location: Onsite in Copenhagen

Languages: Fluent Danish and English


Thomas Laursen

T: +45 3121 9900

E: thomas@dba-consult.dk

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